Texas Parks and Wildlife License Sales Help

Welcome to Texas Parks and Wildlife's help website for license sales!

The links to the right will take you to information you can use to become familiar with the new License Sales Application. We hope you find the information useful.

What's New

The "new" Texas License Sales System is an evolutionary improvement to the existing proven sales system. Certain things are being changed, while other aspects will remain the same to make the transition as seamless as possible.


Below is a list of what hardware will and will not change during the transition:

  • The current thin client devices will remain unchanged.
  • The current mouse and keyboard will remain unchanged.
  • The current receipt printer will remain unchanged.
  • The current card swipes will NO LONGER be used.
  • A numeric keypad will be shipped for each POS ID. This additional keypad can be handed to the customer to enter their Social Security number.
  • The current license printer WILL be replaced with a new, more robust printer. Regarding the printer:
    • The printer will be shipped with an adapter plate (to accommodate the larger printer) and instructions;
    • the existing stand will be used;
    • this printer uses the same license stock but a different ribbon;
    • this license printer replacement will occur during late 2013 and early 2014.

Software Application

An overview of the software changes is below:

  • The look and feel has been refreshed and simplified
  • The screen flow and menu structure are more consistent with contemporary websites, and more familiar to new users
  • Where possible, screens and keystrokes needed to sell licenses have been reduced to improve productivity.
  • The basic principles remain unchanged:
    • Identify the customer(s)
    • Select item(s)
    • Checkout
    • Print Receipt and License

Training Videos

We have prepared a series of short videos to help familiarize users with the new License Sales Application. They are broken into short topics so the viewer can focus on their area of interest.

  • What's New - Hardware
  • What's New - Software

  • Connecting to the Database
  • Logging In
  • Starting Menu Options
  • "Unlocking" a POS ID

  • Recreational Sales Example
  • Replacing a License
  • Multiple Customers in Sale
  • Voiding a Document

  • Changing Your Password
  • Reports
  • Clerk Maintenance
  • Messages